Insulation projects

Your insulation needs are unique to your home's age, construction, and current insulation.  We offer many options to help upgrade and maintain energy savings. 

New construction
Cellulose being installed into a new construction using a polyester netting.
Drywall being installed over the netted cellulose.
Cellulose is being dense packed into wall cavities of an early 1900's home.  Holes are plugged with wood and sealed with foam.  This is a great option if you own an older home with no insulation in the walls.  Cellulose can also be added to walls with insufficient insulation.
Attic Space
Cellulose being added to attic space.  A storage area can be built using foam board.  This photo was taken prior to the storage area being built.
Happy Planet also offers a loose wool insulation that can be installed into walls or attic space.  Click on the link above to view video about wall installation.