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How Happy Planet Got Started:

Geoffrey H. Bates Jr., the owner of Happy Planet Home Solutions, has over 28 years experience in all phases of construction. In the past 15 years, he has been specializing in home insulation, specifically fiberglass.  Through his interactions with the fiberglass product, Geoffrey felt that the material was not eco-friendly and possibly unsafe.  Through their research, Geoffrey found other products on the market that better fit the green lifestyle that they live. 

Happy Planet Home Solutions was created in order to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly choice.  We feel that our products are superior in performance and sustainability.  They are safe for our installers as well as our homeowners.  Insulation is very important to lower our energy use.  If everyone insulated their homes properly, our greenhouse gas emissions would significantly decrease. 

We believe strongly in making steps to help lower our impact on the environment.  Insulating your home can significantly lower your energy consumption.  This will lower your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gases.  With a small investment, you can make a step in your green path.  With rising demand of foreign oil, energy prices continue to rise.  Happy Planet can help you make your home more affordable and environmentally friendly.